These new NFT tools are insane (HUGE advantage)

NFT tools are getting more sophisticated by the day and we’re getting to a point where NFT collectors that ignore all of these new platforms will be playing at a disadvantage. 

In this video I go over some of my favorite NFT tools. I talk about tools that are useful before a mint, during a mint, and after a mint – as well as some products that will make you faster during the actual buying process. 

If you’ve wondered how certain collectors keep being at the right place and at the right time (insane flips for pfp collections like BAYC, Cool Cats, Jungle Freaks, Doodles, Kaiju Kings, Mekaverse, etc.) then you’re going to want to watch this entire video. 



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0:00 intro
1:40 twitter trackers
2:46 when you’re closer to a drop time
3:50 mint scanners
5:27 analyzing secondary trades
7:04 if I had to choose just one
7:38 sniping tools
9:10 RyzeNFT
11:39 how to think about prices for tools